Fresh Button Mushroom

Agaricus Bisporus (Fresh White Button Mushro) is grown on composted cereal straw and animal manure. The cultivation of Fresh Button Mushroom is usually in buildings where the environment (temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide) is controlled and is fully equipped with international quality monitoring techniques and best storage facilities to ensure that the fresh and hygienic inputs are always available to the processing units to meet the strict international requirements. Moreover, we are listed at the apex in the list of the stupendous Fresh Mushroom Manufacturers and Exporters Done’s  Agro Products from India

Fresh Button Mushroom are grown…

Button Mushrooms are grown under the supervision of in–house experts to assure that optimum farm conditions and agri- practices are followed throughout the growing and harvesting cycles.

Why Mushroom?

Agaricus bisporus (white button mushroom) is the most extensively cultivated mushroom in the world, accounting for 38 % of the world production of cultivated mushrooms.

Mushrooms are

  • Very low in calories and Carbohydrate
  • High in Protein and fiber
  • Fat free, Cholesterol free and Very low in Sodium
  • They provides several nutrients, including riboflavin, niacin and selenium, which are typically found in animal foods. so mushrooms can be the best choice for vegetarians.

Mushroom Benefit in Human Body

  • Cancer fighting food
  • Cholesterol lowering food
  • Building immunity
  • Curing asthma
  • High lean protein content in mushroom helps to burn cholesterol when they are digested.
  • Selenium in the mushroom is very effective inhibiting cancerous cells.
  • Mushrooms are the only natural fresh vegetable or fruit with vitamins D.
  • Mushroom is the only vegetable which has zero wastage.
  • It helps our cell rejuvenating property.

Canned Mushrooms

We offer Canned Mushrooms which include fresh and quality mushrooms. We cultivate these mushrooms at our own growing rooms and canned within a few hours of picking, in compliance with the complete hygienic standards. These Canned Button Mushrooms are processed with the help of “state-of-the-art” canning line which is capable of processing more than 4 MTS of mushrooms every day and which takes care of mushrooms at every stage of processing. We have good pasteurizing and canning facility and can pack mushrooms in airtight cans, so that taste and freshness remains intact. Moreover, we are renowned as one of the reliable Canned White Button Mushrooms Manufacturers Done’s in India.